Brand: Vulcan

The Vulcan Motor & Engineering Company

The Vulcan Motor & Engineering Company was a British manufacturer of cars and commercial vehicles, founded in 1902 in Southport, Merseyside, England. The company started out by producing engines for boats and motorcycles, and later began producing cars in 1904. The Vulcan Motor & Engineering Company was known for its high-quality vehicles and innovative designs.

One of the company's notable achievements was the production of the Vulcan Runabout, which was the first car to be fitted with a six-cylinder engine in Britain. The company also produced commercial vehicles such as lorries and buses, and during World War I, the company was heavily involved in the production of military vehicles for the British Army.

Despite its success, the company faced financial difficulties during the 1920s and was eventually taken over by Crossley Motors in 1928. The Vulcan name continued to be used for a time, but production of Vulcan vehicles ceased in the early 1930s.

Today, the Vulcan Motor & Engineering Company is remembered as an important part of British automotive history, and its vehicles are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

1908 Vulcan 20HP Roi-des-Belges

1908 Vulcan 20HP Roi-des-Belges

The 1908 Vulcan 20HP Roi-des-Belges was a luxury car manufactured by the Vulcan Motor and Engineerin..

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