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Abbott Motor Car Company

Charles G. Abbott established the Abbott Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan in 1909. Much of the components were proprietary, sourced from different manufacturers, and the assembled vehicles were fairly conventional for their day. The engines were from Continental, though in later years some Herschell-Spillman eights were used. During most the of the marque's existence, the cars were called 'Abbott-Detroit,' although by 1916 they were officially just 'Abotts.'

Motorsports has always been a way to test and prove a product, and Abbott regularly partook in these marketing strategies, although they claimed to never have built a race car. One of the events they entered was a 100,000-mile trek of the Abbott-Detroit 'Bull Dog,' driven by Dr. Charles G. Percival, circumnavigating the United States, then traveling coast to coast three times. Another Abbott took the Philadelphia Trophy at that city's Fairmount Park track in 1910.

Early Abbott-Detroit's were powered by four-cylinder engine in various body styles, mostly consisting of coupes, roadsters, and tourers. From 1909 through 1916, the company produced roughly 1,200 vehicles per year. Charles Abbott retired a year after starting the business. Problems with creditors arose in 1913, but the situation was fixed by making the stockholders. By December, Edward F. Gerber had acquired the plant and the entire business, and paid off the creditors. Gerber's time with the company was short-lived, as he was out two years later, replaced by R.A. Palmer of Cartercar fame. Along with new management, the company's name was changed to the Consolidated Car Corporation. In 1916, the production was moved to a new plant and the name was changed back to the Abbott Corporation. This new factory was expensive and the sales of the automobiles were unable to cover the lease. Hal Motor Car Company attempted a merger but this failed. The Abbott Company entered bankruptcy in January of 1918.

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1917 Abbott-Detroit Model 6-44 Speedster

1917 Abbott-Detroit Model 6-44 Speedster

The 1917 Abbott-Detroit Model 6-44 Speedster was a sports car produced by the Abbott-Detroit Motor C..

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