1902 Warwick 6hp Four-Seat Stanhope

1902 Warwick 6hp Four-Seat Stanhope
In 1888, George T. Warwick formed the Warwick Cycle Mfg. Co. The Warwick company built bicycles for about two years and went out of business. In 1891 local capitalist stepped in and reorganized the company and George T. Warwick was kept as chief engineer.
George T. Warwick left this company the following year and The Warwick Cycle Mfg. Co. continued to make bicycles up to 1899 when it reorganized into The Warwick Cycle & Automobile Co.
The Warwick was a two passenger American Automobile with a folding front seat that made it into a four passenger car. The DeDion engine was located under the body. One, two and three cylinder engines were used and could be reached by a hinged body for complete access to the engine and drive train. Steering was by tiller.
In this 1902 Warwick Cycle & Automobile Co. advertisement claims made included "This is our new style, with folding front seat. Equipped with the famous DeDion motors and the well known diamond tires. Patented starting device and many new and novel features".
With 1903 Warwick gasoline automobile the wheelbase was 79 inches, tread 54 inches instead of the usual 56 inches, 42 inch rear seat with enough room for two, 36 inch folding front seat for the children, 30 inch artillery wheels, 3 inch tires. This Warwick was equipped with a six horsepower engine. Price in 1903 was $1,150.00.
In 1905 Warwick Automobile Company produced a side entrance tonneau car driven by a three cylinder, two cycle motor of 18 horsepower and equipped with a three speed transmission system with internal expanding clutch. The 1905 Warwick had a wheel base of 88 inches and weighted 1,800 pounds.

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Production Start 1902
Country of origin USA