1903 Opel 1012 PS Rennwagen

  • Brand: Opel
  • Car Code: 950353
1903 Opel 10/12 PS Rennwagen
The Opel 12 PS was a car of the middle class , the Adam Opel KG built only in 1903.
The 12 hp Opel built, as the year before presented 9 hp , according to the system of the French manufacturer Darracq . In its dimensions and its engine data, it corresponded to the also published in 1902 model 10/12 hp , but was much lighter, faster and more expensive than this.
The engine was a two-cylinder in - line engine with 1885 cc displacement (bore × stroke = 100 mm × 120 mm), the 12 hp (8.8 kW) at 1200 / min. made. The side- mounted T-head engine was water cooled. The engine power was transmitted via a leather cone clutch, a manual three-speed transmission with steering column connection and a cardan shaft to the rear axle. The maximum speed of the car was 55 km / h.
The frame was made of sheet steel U-profiles and was reinforced with wood. The two rigid axles were suspended on semi-elliptical longitudinal leaf springs. The service brake acted on the transmission output shaft. The handbrake was designed as a band brake, which acted on the rear wheels.
There were three body styles, a two-seat Phaeton , a four-seater tonneau and a two-seater coupe . The cheapest variant (Phaeton) cost 7200 RM.
Already end of 1903 the construction of the 12 HP was stopped. Successor was the weaker motorized model 9/10 hp .

Descriptions & pictures by Wikipedia & octane-magazin
Production Start 1903
Country of origin Germany