1904 Stanley Model C Runabout

1904 Stanley Model C Runabout

During the early 1900's, the Stanley Motor Carriage Company produced steam powered automobiles. During this era, the automobile had just been created and many companies and individuals were experimenting with a wide variety of fuel sources, such as gasoline, electric, and steam. F.E. and F.O. Stanley built their first steam car in 1897, and before manufacturing was ramped up, they sold their company to John Walker and Amzi Barber. Along with the sale, the brothers signed a one-year non-compete agreement. When the year came to a close, they were intent on getting back into the business and came up with a steam car featuring a new engine, fuel system, and boiler. For 1903, the body was redesigned, and in 1904 model names were imposed for the first time.

This particular example is a Model C. It has twin, high-pressure, double-acting cylinders, and is mounted beneath the car, integral with the rear axle and final drive. The feed water is held in a tank surrounding the boiler.

In 1904, the Model C sold for $695. This example came into the care of its current owner in 2012. The car came with a new boiler from Bourdon Boiler Works in Vermont, but uninstalled. The car was in original condition, with original wood body and even the leather seating.

A sympathetic restoration soon began. The work included installing the new boiler, valves, piping, and steam packing. New tires were fitted at this time. The exterior was repainted in the original maroon and black pattern.

During the restoration, a gas headlight was added in the front. Also, a steam line to clear the burner line, a fuel gauge and boiler sight glass, and a steam whistle were installed.

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Production Start 1904
Country of origin USA