1904 Thomas Flyer Model 22 Three Cylinder 24HP

1904 Thomas Model 22 Three Cylinder 24HP "Flyer" Rear Entrance Tonneau

This Thomas Model 22 three-cylinder 'Flyer' Rear Entrance Tonneau is the sole example to survive.

In 1928, an individual living in Antioch, Tennessee sold this car to a lawyer in Lincolnton, who later sold it to Ote Corriher, who treated the car to a restoration. The work as completed in time for the 1965 Glidden Tour. Later, the car was acquired by Harold Coker.

This Model 22 has a 4300cc, T-Head inline 3-cylinder engine fitted with a single carburetor and delivers 24 horsepower. There is a three-speed manual transmission with chain final drive, two-wheel brakes, and a semi-elliptic leaf springs suspension setup.

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Production Start 1904
Country of origin USA