1905 Queen Model B Runabout

  • Brand: Queen
  • Car Code: 161082

1905 Queen Model B Runabout

During the early years of automobile exploration and production, hundreds of automakers attempted to build a successful product. One such attempt was from C.M. Blomstrom, of Detroit, Michigan. He was one of the early pioneers of automobiles that never truly found success. In 1904, he introduced his Queen automobile. Initially, it was a one-cylinder, eight-horsepower runabout, with two- and four-cylinder models being added to the lineup a year later.

At the close of 1906 the Blomstrom Company merged with the DeLuxe Motor Car Company. By August of 1909, with less than 100 'De Luxes' created, the company and all of its assets were sold to Everett-Metzger-Glanders.

During the production lifespan of the Queen automobile, ranging from 1906 through 1920, nearly 1500 examples were created.

This Queen Runabout is a Model B. It has been repainted and reupholstered several years ago in the present colors. It does not appear to have ever had a full restoration. The car rides on wooden wheels which are correct to the period, and there are extensive brass or nickel accoutrements. Power is from a 284 cubic-inch twin-cylinder engine offering 12 horsepower. There is a three-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel mechanical drum brakes.

Descriptions & pictures by bonhams & conceptcarz & en.wheelsage & american-automobiles

Production Start 1905
Country of origin USA