1906 Compound Model 7.5 Tourer Tuxedo

1906 Compound Model 7.5 Tourer Tuxedo

The original owner of this 1906 Compound Type 7 1/2 Touring Car was John Unser, the chief engineer of the Eisenhuth Company. His initials can still be found on the front doors.

Walter Levino of New York was one of the cars former owners. It was purchased in unrestored condition in 1951 by Henry Austin Clark Jr., owner of the Long Island Automotive Museum. It was later purchased by the Harrah Museum and then by the Magee brothers. In 1998, it was purchased by Carl J. Schmitt.

While in the Harrah Collection, the car was subject to a complete 'Gold Star', no-expense-spared authentic restoration.

This is the only Compound car in existence. It is fitted with an early version of power brakes using compressed air, and there is a wooden rear portion that allows conversion from a touring car to a roadster.

This car is presented at the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Alaska.

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Production Start 1906
Country of origin USA