1906 Rambler Type 3 18/20Hp Surrey

1906 Rambler Type 3 18/20Hp Surrey
This 1906 Rambler Type 3 18/20HP Surrey was in the care of Bob Germaine when it was acquired by Don C. Boulton. The car has an older restoration finished in periwinkle blue with dark royal blue moldings, dark blue wheels with red pinstriping, tufted black leather upholstery, and a black cloth top, supported by a triple set of polished brass landau bars. It has curved running boards and fenders, Sunlyte headlamps, Solar model 724 cowl lamps, wicker side basket, Stewart 60 mph speedometer, Jupiter 8-day clock, and a Solar acetylene generator. The engine has a 235.6 cubic-inch displacement size and is fitted with a later carburetor. There is a two-speed planetary transmission with chain drive, full-elliptical leaf spring suspension, and rear-wheel drum brakes.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & bonhams
Production Start 1906
Country of origin USA