1909 Alldays & Onions 10/12 hp Tourer

The 1909 Alldays & Onions 10/12 hp Tourer was a British-made car manufactured by Alldays & Onions Ltd. It was a four-cylinder car with a 10/12 horsepower engine and a three-speed gearbox. The Tourer body style was a popular choice during this era and featured an open top with seating for up to four passengers.

Some other notable features of the 1909 Alldays & Onions 10/12 hp Tourer included a chain-driven rear axle, a cone clutch, and a T-head engine design. It also had a top speed of around 40 miles per hour and a fuel consumption of 25-30 miles per gallon.

The Alldays & Onions company was based in Birmingham, England and produced a variety of vehicles, including bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. The 10/12 hp Tourer was one of their more popular models, and it was in production from 1909 to 1913.

Descriptions & pictures by bonhams & flickr & neu.us-car-forum & other

Production Start 1909
Country of origin Great Britain