1909 Lorraine-Dietrich 16.4-Liter Grand Prix

The Lorraine-Dietrich 16.4-Liter Grand Prix Two-Seater refers to a specific model of racing car produced by the French automobile manufacturer Lorraine-Dietrich in the early 20th century. Lorraine-Dietrich was known for producing high-performance cars and racing vehicles during the early days of the automotive industry.

The "16.4-Liter" in the name refers to the engine displacement, indicating that the car had a massive 16.4-liter engine. Such a large engine size was characteristic of the early Grand Prix and racing cars, which prioritized power and speed over fuel efficiency or practicality. These cars were used in various racing events, including the Grand Prix races of that era.

The term "Two-Seater" indicates that the car had seating for two people, which was a common configuration for racing cars of that time. These cars were purpose-built for racing, featuring lightweight construction, powerful engines, and streamlined designs to maximize speed on the race track.

Lorraine-Dietrich was a prominent French automaker with a history in both luxury and racing vehicles. The company participated in various racing events and was known for its engineering prowess and innovative designs. The 16.4-Liter Grand Prix Two-Seater would have been one of the notable models produced by Lorraine-Dietrich during its racing-focused period.

It's worth noting that historical information and details about specific models like the Lorraine-Dietrich 16.4-Liter Grand Prix Two-Seater can vary based on available records and sources. If you're looking for more specific information or details about this particular car, I recommend consulting historical automotive resources or museums that specialize in vintage cars and racing history.

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Production Start 1909
Country of origin France