1910 Cameron Model 24 Open-Back Runabout

1910 Cameron Model 24 Open-Back Runabout

The Everett and Forrest Cameron brothers were former racing bicycle makers from Massachusetts. They later contracted various industrial concerns to build their cars. Thus, over the company's 17-year lifespan, Camerons were at made in 10 different factories in six states. Their first car was a single-cylinder vehicle introduced in 1902. It was built by the Brown Company in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Within a few years, both two- and three-cylinder models were available, and from 1907, there were fours. In 1908, production moved from Brockton to Beverly, Massachusetts. Between 1909 and 1911, some sixes were built in New London, Connecticut. The cars were air-cooled until 1913.

Production continued in various states and factories, until 1920.

Racing improves the breed; the Cameron brothers actively campaigned their vehicles in hill climbs and oval track events. A Cameron set a half-mile record in Cincinnati, Ohio, and another became the first air-cooled car to climb New Hampshire's Mount Washington without stopping.

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Production Start 1910
Country of origin USA