1910 Kenmore Tourabout

1910 Kenmore Tourabout

Kenmore Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturer of automobiles .

The brothers FA and JD Meidinger founded the company in 1910. The seat was in Chicago , Illinois . They started with the production of automobiles. The brand name was Kenmore . Production ended in 1912.

Sears took over the company and used the brand name for other things.

The vehicles were somewhat similar to the highwheelers of the time. However, tire size and pneumatic tires corresponded to ordinary vehicles. The first vehicles had a two-speed planetary gearbox , which was replaced in 1911 by an ordinary three-speed gearbox.

In 1910 there was the Model A with a two-cylinder engine and 14 hp . The wheelbase was 208 cm. Superstructures were a two-seater runabout and a three-seater roadster . The Model B had a more powerful twin-cylinder engine with 18 horsepower, but the same wheelbase. It was available as a roadster with three seats and as a Surrey with four seats.

In 1911 the engines remained unchanged. The wheelbase was extended to 221 cm. The Model A was bodied as a runabout with two and three seats. The Model C was available as a Surrey with four seats and as a Roadster with two seats. The Model 30 was released . It had a four-cylinder engine with 30 hp. The chassis had a wheelbase of 290 cm. The structure was a touring car with five seats.

In 1912 there were two models in the range. The Model C had a two-cylinder engine that was specified with 16/18 hp. The wheelbase was 254 cm. Runabouts, roadsters and tourabouts have been handed down . The Model D had a four-cylinder engine with 20 hp and the same wheelbase. In addition to the runabout and roadster, there was a choice of touring car.

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Production Start 1910
Country of origin USA