1911 Regal Underslung Race About

  • Brand: Regal
  • Car Code: 180637

1911 Regal Underslung Race About

In the first decade of the twentieth century, Detroit, Michigan was awash with pioneering automobile manufacturers. Hundreds of different companies tried their hand at the building automobiles, with wildly varying levels of success. Some did not make it past the first few cars, others did not make it past the first year and fewer still made it past World War I. The Regal Automobile Company opened its doors in 1908 and had shown early promise by building quality, mid-sized, conventional cars. In an effort to promote their reliability, a 1909 Regal 30 HP crossed the US continent multiple times, racking up 22,000 miles and attracting plenty of attention in the process.

In 1911, Regal made a dramatic change with the introduction of the Model N. The Model N featured a stylish “underslung” chassis with inverted springs mounted above the frame, giving a low and rakish look, coupled with a two-seat raceabout-style body. With its stylish looks and reliable 4-cylinder engine, the Regal Model N was seen as a “baby Mercer” – a car that cost at least twice that of the Regal. In spite of the success of the highly regarded Model N, The Regal Automobile Company could not withstand rapidly inflating material costs related to World War I, and in 1918 was placed in receivership.

This 1911 Regal Model N Underslung Speedster is believed to be one of only 2 in existence in this specification.

Descriptions & Pictures by hymanltd

Production Start 1911
Country of origin USA