1911 Sunbeam 12/16HP Tourer

1911 Sunbeam 12/16HP Tourer

Although comparatively late on the scene in motor car manufacture, the Wolverhampton-based Sunbeam factory quickly established a fine reputation alongside Lanchester, Wolseley, Austin and Daimler at the heart of the escalating Midlands-based motor industry. The 12/16 hp model of the Edwardian era was conventional in all respects, with a sturdy, four cylinder, side valve power unit, displacing 2,413cc and rated at 15.9hp. Final drive was via a four-speed gate change gearbox with worm drive rear axle, and 12/16hp models generally carried elegant factory coachwork which was offered in tourer, two seater, landaulette and cabriolet versions.

A glance down the Veteran Car Club list of surviving Sunbeam 12/16s reads like the "squirearchy" of that club, with active rally goers predominant, suggesting the practicality of the 12/16 hp model for motoring events.

BH 1319 has been in the present private museum collection since 1977.

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Production Start 1911
Country of origin Great Britain