1912 Yaxa

  • Brand: Yaxa
  • Car Code: 250932

1912 Yaxa

The Yaxa was a Swiss automobile produced from 1912 until 1914. Its name was a phonetic rendering of the phrase 'Y a que ça ("It's the only one there is"). Of Genevan manufacture, the car was built by Charles Bahni, an early collaborator of Charles-Edouard Henriod. The Yaxa was a 1692 cc light car which used a four-cylinder Zedel engine; among its other touches were central gear and brake levers. Baehni drove a Yaxa to victory in the 1913 Coupe de la Gruyère; nevertheless, the marque folded a year later.

Charles Baehni from Geneva starts 1912 a large advertising campaign for his automobiles with four-cylinder engines of Zurich (Zedel), the peculiarity of centrally located manual transmission and also arranged in the vehicle interior handbrake levers were. The Yaxa offered cars were initially designed to a number of 100 copies, but Baehnis equipment was not suitable for rational production processes, the costs ran out of control. In 1914, the last Yaxa was delivered, and the factory closed its doors forever.

Descriptions & pictures by gtue-classic & Wikipedia & flickr

Production Start 1912
Country of origin Switzerland