1913 Rolls-Royce 40-50HP Silver Tourer Replica

1913 Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Silver Ghost Sports Tourer Replica Coachwork in the London-Edinburgh style by Kenneth Neve.

This car was the second such car to receive improved specification that included a massive torque tube sending power to the strengthened rear axle, a larger carburetor, and a higher-compression-ratio engine. Fitted with a sporting, close-coupled light-touring body by Holmes of Derby, Ltd., that car completed the entirety of the 800-mile challenge in top gear, achieving an average consumption of 24.32 miles per gallon. Later, that same car achieved 78.26 miles per hour at Brooklands. The success in the London-Edinburgh challenge led to a raft of new orders for similarly spec’d cars—heretofore known as the London to Edinburgh Ghost. Between the spring of 1912 and October 1913 (ending with chassis 2699), just 188 examples were built—a mere fraction of the total Silver Ghost production of 6,700 cars.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & rmsothebys & bonhams
Production Start 1913
Country of origin Great Britain