1913 Simplex 38 HP Five-Passenger Touring

1913 Simplex 38 HP Five-Passenger Touring by Holbrook

Beginning in 1911, Simplex offered a smaller 4-cylinder, 38 horsepower engine of 476 cubic-inches, which actually still exceeded the size of those engines offered by many other contemporary sporting marques. The Thirty-Eight was also distinguished from other Simplex offerings because it didn't use chain drive to the rear wheels but instead had more refined shaft drive propulsion. The Thirty-Eight was a slightly more manageable model to drive and was popular through the end of 4-cylinder production.

This 38 HP example sports a 4-passenger body by Holbrook, one of the most prolific body builders of Simplex chassis.

Descriptions & Pictures by conceptcarz & wheelsage & auto.vercity

Production Start 1913
Country of origin USA