1914 Arrol-Johnston boat-tailed pickup truck 11.9 HP

The 1914 Arrol-Johnston boat-tailed pickup truck was a vehicle produced by the Arrol-Johnston car company, a Scottish manufacturer that was in operation from 1896 to 1931. The pickup truck had a 11.9 horsepower engine and a distinctive boat-tailed body style, which was designed to reduce drag and increase speed.

At the time, pickup trucks were still a relatively new concept, and most vehicles of this type were built on modified car chassis. The Arrol-Johnston pickup truck, however, was purpose-built as a commercial vehicle and was designed to carry goods and equipment.

Despite its innovative design and high-quality construction, the Arrol-Johnston company struggled to compete with larger, more established manufacturers, and it eventually went bankrupt in 1931. Today, surviving examples of the Arrol-Johnston pickup truck are rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Source: Bonhams, Wikipedia, Jigidi, Flickr, Abvphoto, Bildata, other

Production Start 1914
Country of origin Great Britain