1914 Oldsmobile Model 42 30HP Touring

1914 Oldsmobile Model 42 30HP Touring
The first Oldsmobile produced by the Olds Motor Works was the Model R, one of three models to be known as the Curved Dash Oldsmobile. The company had been organized in Lansing, Michigan in 1897 and the early two-passenger vehicles were priced at $650. In 1901, they produced approximately 425 cars despite a fire destroying the Detroit factory. By 1903, nearly 4,000 vehicles were produced that year. Clearly the small and affordable 'Curved Dash' model was popular. Oldsmobile decided to change their formula by the end of the Brass Era, and moved to the high-horsepower Autocrat and Limited models. They settled into the mid-price life of touring cars powered with flathead four-cylinder engines with cast iron blocks, modern selective-shift transmissions and shaft drive, and attractive styling.
In 1914, Oldsmobile made an attempt of returning to their roots by introducing the Model 42, often known as the Baby Olds. With its 112-inch wheelbase, it was the smallest Oldsmobile in the lineup since the 1909 Series D and DR. The 192 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine produced 30 less horsepower than the 611 cubic-inch six-cylinder unit found in the Model 54, rated at 50 hp. Oldsmobile claimed the Model 42 could operate from 5 to 50 mph in low gear and had fuel economy of 16 to 18 mph.
The Model 42 had imported Circassian walnut trim, rakishly angled hood louvers, and hickory wheels. It was also equipped with a Delco lighting, starting, and ignition system.
For 1914, Calendar year sales total 1,400. The Model 42 had a base price of $1,350 and approximately 400 were built. The Model 42 was about $1,600 cheaper than its larger Model 54 sibling.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & bonhams & bringatrailer
Production Start 1914
Country of origin USA