1914 Peugeot 14 HP type 144A Coloniale tourer

The Type 136 and 144 are two cars produced from 1911 to 1916 by the French car manufacturer Peugeot .

Introduced in 1911, the Type 136 was a large spider with the task of replacing the Type 133 . Its shapes were very elegant and its lines drew a car body among the most successful in the first twenty years of the history of Peugeot.

Available in two equipment variants, normal and A , the Type 136 was equipped with a motor to 4 cylinders from 3988 cm³ of displacement . This engine was able to push the car to a maximum speed of 92 km / h, performance significantly improved compared to its ancestors. It was produced until 1913 in 235 specimens.

He was replaced in the same year by the Type 144, also available in two equipment versions, "normal" and R . Compared to the Type 136 it was 25 cm longer and was therefore more impressive in the forms. With the Type 136, the 144 shared the chassis and the mechanics, but unlike its ancestor it was also available in a second variant of bodywork, that is, the coupé de ville , a variant that among other things was sold in a good number of specimens . In total, the Type 144 was produced in 1799 specimens and its production lasted until 1916

Descriptions and pictures by bonhams

Production Start 1914
Country of origin France