1917 Elcar Model E Cloverleaf Roadster

  • Brand: Elcar
  • Car Code: 140515

1917 Elcar Model E Cloverleaf Roadster

The Elcar Company was formed in late 1915 by the Pratt brothers (William B. and George B.). At the time they were building the Pratt car, which they discontinued to focus on the Elcar. The Pratt was a four- and six-cylinder car priced in the $2,000 range. The Elcar was powered by a Lycoming four-cylinder engine and priced in the $800 range. A six-cylinder model was added to the lineup for the 1918 model year.

In mid-1921, the brothers sold out to a group of former Auburn executives named F. B. Sears, A.M. Graffis, G.W. Bundy, and W.H. Denison. The company's name was subsequently changed to Elcar Motor Company, and remained in business until 1931. Mr. Sears served as the president and Mr. Graffis was the chief engineer.

By the close of 1922, the company tried their hand at producing taxicabs, after beating out Driggs for the contract to produce 1,000 cabs for the Diamond Taxicab Company of New York City.

In 1925, the company introduced a Lycoming eight-cylinder powered model, and after 1926 no longer offered the four-cylinder model.

The 1917 Elcar models included four-cylinder models with body styles including a touring, cloverleaf roadster, sedan, and roadster. The wheelbase measured 115 inches and the engine offering 35 horsepower.

This Elcar Model E Cloverleaf Roadster is powered by a 35 horsepower Lycoming DXU L-head four-cylinder engine driving through a dry-plate clutch to a three-speed sliding-gear transmission.

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Production Start 1917
Country of origin USA