1919 Locomobile Type 48 Series 5 Roadster

1919 Locomobile Type 48 Series 5 Roadster

The Locomobile Company of America was founded in 1899 to build automobiles based on plans for a steam car acquired for the Stanley brothers. The Stanleys were hired as general managers and though the steam Locomobiles were unreliable and difficult to operate, over 4,000 were built by 1902. During the Boer War, Locomobile became the first automobile used in war serving as a generator and searchlight vehicle and particularly used in British eyes for its ability to brew a cup of tea by tapping the boiler. In 1902, Locomobile began producing a gasoline-powered vehicle and in 1903, dropped steam-powered cars.

The Model 48, so designated because it was rate at 85 horsepower, was introduced by Locomobile in 1911. It was powered by a 525 cubic-inch in-line T-head 6-cylinder engine. It rode on a huge 142 inch wheelbase, weighed 3 tons and was made of the finest materials and remained in production until 1924.

This car was found in a salvage yard by a noted Locomobile expert in 1948. It had very low mileage and currently shows 22,000 miles. An outstanding example of originality, it was one of 429 Locombiles built in 1919 and fitted with a custom body designed by Merrimac Coachbuilders of Connecticut.

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Production Start 1919
Country of origin USA