1922 Rolland-Pilain Type R Roadster

1922 Rolland-Pilain Type R Roadster

Rolland-Pilain was founded by two guys. One of them was Francois Rolland, the other Emile Pilain. The company popped up in Tours, France, in 1905 and sauntered on through 1932, after the owners lost control of the business in 1926. The last cars rolled off the line in 1927.

Rolland-Pilain is one of the most famous, provincial, pre-war brands, thanks to its success in competition, but also for its technical innovations, like the first hydraulic brakes imagined by engineer Chavrier.

It was in 1922 that the Touraine brand offered the Type R, a modern 12hp version, since it had been fitted with a 2.2L 4-cylinder engine and benefited from the new hydraulic brake system whose patents had been filed the previous year, a first for a touring car. By the way, one was entered at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1923 and finished 21st place. Offered with different bodies, the most desirable version was the elegant torpedo with tulip body style which is the example present here.

A lack of funds led to Rolland and Pilain losing control of the company in 1926. Things went downhill from there. Automobile production ended in 1927 and the company was declared in default of its debts in 1928. After a period of struggle, the factory closed in 1932.

When production ceased, more than 5 000 cars had been built.

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Production Start 1922
Country of origin France