1924 Fiat 501 Biposto Corsa

  • Brand: Fiat
  • Car Code: 320795

1924 Fiat 501 Biposto Corsa

The Fiat 501 is a car produced by Fiat between 1919 and 1926. The 501 was Fiat's first model after World War I. Fiat introduced the S and SS sports versions of the 501 in 1921. Fiat produced 47,600 501s in total.

Replica built from original chassis and other parts in year 1950. This FIAT 501 sport, has "A.S.I. targa Oro" and has been exhibited at the IFAS museum.

Originally produced in 1924 the FIAT type 501 was a convertible / sport roadster 1,5-Litre 4-cylinder with 26 HP at 3000/min. Its designer Carlo Cavalli installed magneto ignition, but also a 4-speed-gearbox with a short first gear, needed, because the car had a weight of nearly one ton. The car was mounted with rear drum brakes and was capable of 70 km/h.

Descriptions & pictures by wikipedia & italianclassicmotors & prewarcar

Production Start 1924
Country of origin Italy