1929 AC Acedes-Magna Tourer

  • Brand: AC
  • Car Code: 230121

1929 AC Acedes-Magna Tourer

The story of AC Cars Ltd. is a play of mainly three acts with the First and Second World Wars serving as the intermissions. The first act would consist of small touring and three-wheeler autocars. The third act would culminate with small two-door sportscars, the most notable being a fire-breathing Anglo-American partnership. The second act, however, would be an interesting amalgamation that would provide a unique twist in the AC plot.

In the period between the First and Second World Wars, AC Cars would move up from smaller Autocars and would begin to produce some luxury tourers. In the 1920s AC would produce a number of strong , streamlined automobiles that would take part in such events as the Brighton Speed Trials and races at Brooklands and Montlhery. Their cars would be solid performers breaking racing records often, and their cars would often compete with the likes of Bentley for popularity. However, a finely-appointed luxury automobile was still something for which AC was not readily known.

AC Cars would undergo a good deal of upheaval throughout its lifetime and this would give birth to the numerous phases through which the company would tread. Nonetheless, AC would produce some very fine automobiles, one of them being the Acedes-Magna Tourer.

This particular example would be built in 1929. Complete with maroon-colored fenders and a polished aluminum body, the car would leave the factory in the racing colors of the day. However, there would be such fine touches as the nickeled instruments and dashboard and leather upholstery that would take the car from racer to tourer.

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Production Start 1929
Country of origin Great Britain