1929 Delage DMN Faux Cabriolet by Figoni

  • Brand: Delage
  • Car Code: 211202

The 1929 Delage DMN Faux Cabriolet by Figoni is a classic car known for its elegant and streamlined design. It was built by the French carmaker Delage and designed by the coachbuilder Figoni et Falaschi.

The Faux Cabriolet body style was a popular design in the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by a fixed roof that gave the appearance of a convertible. This design was often favored by car manufacturers because it offered the benefits of a closed car, such as better weather protection and improved structural rigidity, while still providing the aesthetic appeal of an open-top vehicle.

The 1929 Delage DMN was powered by a six-cylinder engine and featured advanced engineering for its time, such as an independent front suspension and four-wheel hydraulic brakes. However, it was the car's styling that really set it apart.

The Figoni et Falaschi design studio was known for creating some of the most beautiful and innovative car bodies of the era, and the Delage DMN Faux Cabriolet was no exception. The car's body featured flowing curves and a sleek profile, with a long hood and sweeping fenders that gave it a sense of speed even when standing still.

The interior was also designed with luxury in mind, featuring fine materials and attention to detail. The car was a popular choice among the wealthy and elite of the time, and it remains highly sought after by collectors today.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & en.wheelsage & coachbuild & other

Production Start 1929
Country of origin France