1929 Mercedes-Benz Model 630 K coupé-chauffeur Coachwork By Castagna

Affordable by only the wealthy, the Model 630K was produced in limited numbers, with only 267 being built between 1926 and 1932. Displacing 6.3 liters, the 630K's single-overhead camshaft six-cylinder engine produced 160 bhp with the Roots supercharger engaged, and in this specification the 630K could justifiably claim to be the world's most powerful production touring car.

Charles Murray of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a wealthy oilman and land developer, ordered this chassis in 1927 and had it shipped from the Stuttgart factory to the Castagna coachworks in Milan. The cost of the car was a staggering $28,000, almost five times the cost of the equivalent Fleetwood bodied Cadillac. After living in Tulsa and New York, the car was sold to Charles Eads who restored it and won countless awards at M-BCA events.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & bonhams & flickr

Production Start 1929
Country of origin Germany