1931 Wikov Type 35 Kapka

  • Brand: Wikov
  • Car Code: 170618

This Czech brand was produced in the country before the World War 2, when it was still called Czechoslovakia. But within the country, Wikov was very popular. Although there were only a few cars and not everyone could buy it, it was known to everyone. And the Wikov Type 35 Kapka became known as the "Czech Rolls-Royce". Including because revolutionary motives were used in its construction and design.

These cars really stood out using advanced technological solutions. For example, they used hydraulic brakes, and on all wheels. And they also had engines with an overhead camshaft, which were then put only on cars for auto racing.

The most revolutionary in terms of design was the Wikov Type 35 Kapka (translated from the Czech "Drop"), which was presented to the public at the 1931 Prague Motor Show. The aerodynamic body was created according to the drawings of the Czech designer Paul Jaray and at that time it was stunning. The cars had engines of 1.75 liters with 35 horsepower. He allowed to drive to 105 km/h.

In total, three such machines were created, although there is no clear certainty about this. But what is nice - one of the copies is still preserved in one of the Czech museums. Although this is a replica created according to the original drawings, it still gives an opportunity to see what this amazing car was like.

Production Start 1931
Country of origin Czechoslovakia

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