1933 Datsun Type 12

  • Brand: Datsun
  • Car Code: 731159

The 1933 Datsun Type 12 was a small car produced by the Nissan corporation. The name Datsun was used by DAT for their line of small cars. After the DAT corporation was absorbed into Nissan, these cars continued to be produced, and the original model name was maintained. The Type 12 was basically similar to the earlier 1932 Type 11, but had a larger engine.

Japanese laws at that time did not require a license to drive automobiles with small-displacement engines. DAT/Nissan produced the Datsun Type 11 as their entry into this market. The original limitation for this class of vehicles was 500 cc displacement engines, but that was changed to 750 cc in 1933. Nissan responded to this change by producing a larger engine, and gave the more powerful car a new name, the Type 12. The Type 12 was superseded by the Datsun Type 13 in July 1934.

Equipped with a 748cc, water-cooled, side-valve 4-cylinder making 12 ps, it debuted in 1933, meaning it’s reaching the ripe old age of 90 this year. When it came out, the price was just ¥1,350, equivalent to about $300 USD at the time, which would be $6,950 in 2023 dollars. Just a little perspective as you cruise through town in style.

Only 150 cars was produced.

Descriptions & pictures by wikipedia and Nissan and japanesenostalgiccar

Production Start 1933
Production End 1934
Country of origin Japan