1934 Delage D8 S Cabriolet by Fernandez et Darrin

  • Brand: Delage
  • Car Code: 210951

1934 Delage D8 S Cabriolet by Fernandez et Darrin

The Delage D8 was an eight-cylinder luxury car produced by Delage between 1929 and 1940.

The 4061 cc engine of the original D8 placed it in the 23CV car tax band which, for many contemporaries, would also have defined its position high up in the market hierarchy.

Delage took a traditional view of its role as a car producer, providing cars in bare chassis form to be bodied and fitted out by prestigious bespoke builders such as Letourneur et Marchand and Chapron operating (in most cases) in the Paris area. The D8 therefore appeared, throughout its life, in a wide variety of (frequently) elegant shapes.

it has a 130-inch wheelbase and is one of only two known examples. Designed by Howard Darrin that the catalogue maintained was "beguilingly ahead of its time in its proportions and styling."

"While in many ways classical in its long hood, short-deck proportions, Darrin's design is visually lengthened by the dual spares moved to the rear of the car, freeing up the full sweep of the sensuously curved fenders half of this automobile's length is in its hood, which extends all the way back to the short raked vee'd windshield and then angles forwards to move parallel to an angled cowl Examination of the photographs shows the use of metallic paint to the fenders and upper moldings, while the traditional Fernandez et Darrin beltline extends as it meets the cowl and flows into a pointed 'spade' that tapers to the radiator shell. In one of several retrospective articles he published, Howard Darrin noted, 'the top was of a silken material laminated into the canvas. This material had a sheen and was impervious to water marks.' [Around 1986, it was acquired] by Noel Thompson of New Vernon, New Jersey, who is well known among CCCA members for his automotive connoisseurship, including such notable marques as Delahaye, Auburn, Bugatti and Stutz. Thompson entrusted his new acquisition to Stone Barn Automobile Restoration, which performed a complete restoration. Its previous two-tone black-and-red paint treatment was changed to a spectacular lilac shade in the upper and lower panels as well as the fenders, with the accent beltline and hood 'sweep panel' finished in bare polished aluminum. The interior was outfitted in lilac leather. Befitting the car's grand and flamboyant appearance, the radiator mascot chosen was a Lalique crystal Tete de Paon, or peacock's head. The Delage was displayed at the 1991 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, where it was awarded 2nd in Class. It went onl to appear successfully in competition with the Antique Automobile Club of America, achieving a National First Prize in 1991, and with the Classic Car Club of Americas, scoring its Primary First at the 1992 Eastern Grand Classic in Pennsylvania."

Seven of its dashboard gauges have vertical sides and curved tops and bottoms. Each of the two parts of the windshield can open up separately and "Fernandez & Darrin" appears on the side of the front seat support.windshield.

Descriptions & pictures by bonhams & wikipedia

Production Start 1934
Country of origin France