1935 Audi 225 Front Special Roadster

  • Brand: Audi
  • Car Code: 110157

1935 Audi 225 Front Special Roadster

In common with many performance cars of the period, the Front UW 220 provided a claimed top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph): presumably actual performance data would have varied according to the weight and wind-cheating qualities of each individual car body. Various body styles were offered, including four-door sports limousines and two-door cabriolets / roadsters.

1935 upgrade

For the UW 225 produced from 1935, engine size was increased to 2,257 cc, and reported maximum power rose to 50 PS (37 kW; 49 hp) or 55 PS (40 kW; 54 hp), respectively at 3,300 or 3,800 rpm: increased power was reflected by a modest increase in the claimed top speed to 105 km/h (65 mph). The ohv engine came, again, from fellow Auto Union group member Wanderer, being shared with the Wanderer W245 and its successors.

Despite the relative novelty of the front-wheel-drive configuration, the manufacturer quoted the car's turning circle as 12.5 metres (41 ft) which was not greatly above the norm for cars of this size. The rear-wheel-drive Wanderer with which the Audi shared its engine featured an advertised turning circle of 12 meters.

The Audi Front Roadster was first seen on the Auto Union stand at the 1935 International Motor Show in Berlin. It was designed at the body engineering office of the Horch plant. Underneath the body the Wanderer six-cylinder power unit had been uprated to 2.3 liters. The gearbox was positioned in front of the engine, which almost doubled the bonnet's length, giving the car a very elegant look. The price tag of 7,950 Reichsmarks deterred buyers, however, which was why the planned short production run never happened. This vehicle is an authentic replica, which was built on the basis of a contemporary Audi Front chassis by the car restorer Werner Zinke in Zwonitz, Saxony.

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Production Start 1935
Country of origin Germany