1936 Lancia Astura Series III "Tipo Bocca"

  • Brand: Lancia
  • Car Code: 940788

1936 Lancia Astura Series III "Tipo Bocca" Cabriolet Pininfarina

Built on a 1934 chassis, this Astura was one of six Cabriolets ordered from Pinin Farina by a Lancia dealer simply known as 'Bocca'. The original owner of the car is not known but it eventually emerged after the War in the UK where it was owned by BOAC's chief engineer. In 1962 the 'Bocca Cabriolet' was found in derelict condition by Lancia aficionado Michael Scott. Soon after he showed a picture of the car to Battista 'Pinin' Farina and he was so happy to see one of his early creations that he offered to restore the Astura at no cost.

Scott retained the beautifully restored until the mid 1970s, when he sold it on to rock legend Eric Clapton. Like Scott, he cherished the Astura for over a decade until he offered it at auction in the late 1980s. The winning bidder was Pininfarina and the beautiful machine entered the company's factory collection. In 2009, the current, American owner acquired the car from Pininfarina. Although cosmetically in good condition, it was soon discovered to be rather worse underneath the aluminium panels. The wood frame supporting the body was very poor, so the car was submitted to ground-up restoration. While the chassis and body were worked on the United States, the drivetrain was entrusted to specialist Jim Stokes in England.

After six years, the work was finally completed and the car was ready just in time for the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The long and hard work paid off as the car not only won its class, was named the most elegant convertible and most importantly also received the coveted 'Best of Show'

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Production Start 1936
Country of origin Italy