1937 Mercedes-Benz 320N Cabriolet A (W142)

1937 Mercedes-Benz 320N Cabriolet A (W142)

In many ways, the Mercedes 320 two-door Cabriolet A really is a pocket-size 500/540K Spezial Roadster. The elegantly slanted split windscreen, the smooth sweep of the front and rear fender lines, as well as the gradually sloping rear deck with its continental-style spare wheel all manage to evoke its larger and hugely expensive sibling.

A query to the Mercedes-Benz Classic archives has elicited the response that chassis 172289 was produced in the Daimler-Benz Mannheim plant. Unfortunately, all purchase order books of the Mannheim plant were destroyed during World War II. As a result, as with all chassis laid down in Mannhiem, there is no data available concerning chassis and engine numbers and the Kommissionsnummer.

The noted German dealer in luxury classic cars, Eberhard Thiesen, discovered 172289 in Russia about 15 years ago. Under Mr. Thiesen's supervision, the car was restored in Lithuania. As Mr. Thiesen has also pointed out, since the Mannheim Mercedes factory records was lost during the war, it is unknown if the car had this body type from new. However, remains of the original body were with the car as found, and they suggested that the car did indeed have the special Cabriolet A bodywork with a vee windshield and sporting fenders. Furthermore, this 320 is built on the short W142/l or N type chassis. After the discovery, the body was reconstructed and a complete mechanical restoration was performed. All work was done under the supervision of Mr. Thiesen. A hard top comes with the car; a rare factory option for this era of motor car.

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Production Start 1937
Country of origin Germany