1937 Maybach SW38 Special Roadster by Spohn

1937 Maybach SW38 Special Roadster by Spohn.

While the SW-38 was meant to be a new smaller Maybach, "small" is a relative value, and it is only in relation to its gargantuan siblings that the SW-38 can be considered a compact automobile. By any other standard, the SW-38 Special Roadster on offer today is a large, imposing two-passenger convertible, graced with the shapely and supple lines that only a substantial car on a long chassis can possess.
This car was discovered in Hungary some years ago by the well-known German classic car dealer Eberhard Thiesen. The chassis was originally fitted with Pullman Limousine type coachwork, which while practical from a people-mover stand point, did the exclusive chassis no favors in the looks department. Since the original body was in a poor state, it was decided to construct the current body based on period Spohn drawings of another car. The mechanicals and the chassis were restored as correctly as possible and to a high standard. The cream leather interior was also trimmed to a luxurious standard. A correct type engine is fitted, although according to Mr. Thiesen, it may possibly not be the original engine first installed in the chassis. The work was performed over a period of years by UAB Motorai in Vilnius, Lithuania under the close supervision of Mr. Thiesen.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & bonhams
Production Start 1937
Country of origin Germany