1938 Talbot Lago T23 Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi

1938 Talbot Lago T23 Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi

This particular T23 was originally delivered to renowned French Grand Prix driver Louis Rosier at the time of his 1938 Le Mans entry, alongside a similarly designed T150SS Coupé by Figoni et Falaschi.

The design of the car was by Figoni of coach builders Figoni et Falaschi but its construction was completed at Talbot Lago’s workshops near Paris. The car was restored years later by a mechanical engineer over the course of 20 years, a Monsieur Andre Lapines of Lille. An avid Talbot Lago enthusiast, this gentleman painstakingly restored the car from the frame up, paying particular attention to originality and rebuilding the engine and gearbox. 2,000 hours were spent on detailed work, rendering an absolutely show quality finish.

The car has beautifully proportioned pontoon style front wings with full rear wing spats. The wings are adorned with typical Fagoni et Falaschi embellishments in stainless steel.

From its louvred bonnet to the, distinctive dorsal fin at the rear, the blue duo shade Cabriolet remains in excellent overall condition, the interior is finished in rouge leather with matching carpets and all the interior woodwork veneer is on outstanding order.

The car is fitted with a 6 Cylinder 4.1 litre engine and a Wilson gearbox giving sparkling road performance.

From a design standpoint, the Talbot Lago T23 is an exercise in elegance, luxury, and race-proven performance. Alongside the likes of Delage, Delahaye, and Bugatti, Talbot Lagos represent the very best of French coachbuilt motor cars. Given the enormous sums commanded by Teardrop Coupés, this particular T23 Cabriolet offers Talbot prestige and a Figoni et Falaschi design.

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Production Start 1938
Country of origin France