1939 Delahaye 135 MS Grand Sport Roadster

1939 Delahaye 135 MS Grand Sport Roadster by Figoni & Falaschi

Giuseppe Figoni's working method defined the fluidity of his lines. Instead of designing the car he had to build, he built a metal profile of the bodywork on the chassis, modifying it until he thought it was perfect. Only at this point did the designers intervene. Even when he began using clay models, the technical drawings were made last.

Subsequently, the partner Ovidio Falaschi said: "We were really a high fashion tailoring for car bodies, dressing and undressing the frame one, two, three times, and even more, before arriving at the definitive forms we wanted to give to that specific chassis-body assembly. "

Figoni and the Delahaye 135

Figoni and Falaschi came to the attention of the public thanks to their creations on the Delahaye cars when the Model 135 was presented at the 1936 Paris Motor Show. This was the perfect platform for Figoni's designs thanks to the rigid low and slender frame with front suspension with independent wheels, by means of an ingenious crossbow system with transverse and oblique arms, with a light steering and excellent Bendix 14 "brakes.

Powered by a powerful 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine with hemispherical head, three carburetors and power ratings up to 140 hp on the MS version (Modifiée Spéciale), the Delahaye coupes and convertibles were really fast as they seemed to be, reaching a top speed of about 180 km / h. The MS engine had larger cylinder heads and valves and improved intake, and versions prepared for racing could deliver 160 hp for a top speed of around 200 km / h.

Descriptions & pictures by ruotevecchie & rmsothebys & en.wheelsage

Production Start 1939
Country of origin France