1948 Lincoln Model K Coupe Roadster

The Lincoln Model K was introduced in 1931, and by 1935 it received an all-new chassis and body styles. To achieve a lower center of gravity, the passenger space was moved forward by eleven inches, placing all seats ahead of the rear axle. With lower seating, the bodies could be more streamlined. All cars were now designated Model K, regardless of wheelbase. Mechanically, they were little changed.

Streamlining continued for 1936, with a more sharply sloped windshield and lower headlamps. Pressed steel wheels replaced the previous wires.

The 1937 Lincoln lineup included the Zephyr and the Model K, offered in 17 custom body styles. Styling was simplistic, perhaps influenced by Cord, and the front headlamps were now of an art deco teardrop design that had been streamlined into the front fenders. All of the standard bodied were given the V-front windscreens. The belt moldings were removed and replaced by a narrow crease, and the doors extended down almost to the running boards. The V-12 engine received hydraulic lifters and a different cam contour. A new camshaft was accompanied by hydraulic valve lifters and new engine mounts moved the powerplant even farther forward. Production and semi-custom body styles now numbered 21, the customs supplied by LeBaron, Brunn, Judkins, and Willoughby.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & bonhams

Production Start 1948
Country of origin USA