1952 Alvis TA21 Drophead Coupe

  • Brand: Alvis
  • Car Code: 100373
1952 Alvis TA21 Drophead Coupe Coachwork by Tickford

Alvis would only produce 1,316 TA 21s during the car's three year lifespan. On those, a mere 302 were Drophead Coupe versions. With bodies crafted by Tickford, which had found great success prior to WWII in the coachbuilding business and would be one of the few companies to survive the post-war period initially with Alvis and later bodying Aston Martins as well as crafting racecars, the Drophead was and continues to be the most desirable version of the TA21.

Descriptions & pictures by wikipedia & bonhams
Production Start 1952
Country of origin Great Britain