1959 Buick Invicta Estate Wagon

  • Brand: Buick
  • Car Code: 201234

Back in the late ‘50s, as Buick rolled out a series of new nameplates and models, the Buick Invicta was introduced as a replacement for the Buick Century, the latter of which had been in production off and on since the ‘30s. Offered as a premium full-sizer in multiple body styles with the potential for extra go under the hood, the Invicta was sometimes referred to as the “banker’s hotrod.” Although the nameplate didn’t last long, eventually ceding to the Buick Wildcat in 1963, this machine still managed to capture the attention of hotrodders and speed freaks, as evidenced by the custom station wagon featured here.

Photo by mecum auctions.

Production Start 1959
Production End 1960
Country of origin USA
Produced 5231