1961 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe

1961 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe Coachwork by Karmann

Recognized almost as readily as the legendary Beetle itself, and with a cult following all of its own, the Karmann Ghia was, in its maker's own words: 'A Volkswagen for people who can't stand the sight of a Volkswagen.' Hand built by Karmann at its Osnabrück coachbuilding works, VW's top-of-the-range model married a modified export Beetle floor-pan, running gear and engine/transmission package to stylish coachwork penned by Carrozzeria Ghia.

Launched in 1955 in 1,200cc form, the Karmann Ghia kept abreast of mainstream Beetle developments, gaining all-synchromesh transmission and progressively larger and more-powerful engines. A cabriolet appeared in 1957 and in 1959 the car's front end underwent a subtle restyle with raised headlamps and enlarged nose intakes.

Produced until 1974, the Karmann Ghia remains one of Ghia's most commercially successful designs

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Production Start 1961
Country of origin Germany