1966 Ford Anglia 105 E Saloon

  • Brand: Ford
  • Car Code: 330893

1966 Ford Anglia 105 E Saloon

Ford belatedly switched to an overhead-valve engine for its smallest family saloon with the introduction of the Anglia 105E in September 1959. An ultra short-stroke design, the 997cc four proved to have a real appetite for revs and bags of tuning potential, as demonstrated by its success in Formula Junior and Formula 3. The newcomer's McPherson strut/live axle running gear was sourced from the superseded Anglia/Prefect 100E but the new four-speed gearbox represented a welcome advance on its predecessor's three-speeder. The styling too was novel, with 'grinning' radiator grille and reverse-slope rear window, the latter affording greater rear headroom as well as keeping clean in bad weather. The 105E Anglia in its various guises was an outstanding sales success for Ford, selling more than a million before production ceased in 1967.

Finished in light blue with white coves and dark blue vinyl interior, this 105E Anglia was delivered new to South Africa and has had only two owners from new. Retained in the land of the vuvuzela until 1984, the Ford joined its owner in moving up to the UK. In 2011 the Anglia flew into the home of its next owner. Under the car of the current owner, some £4000 was reportedly spent restoring the car to its current condition. Further bills on file from 2018-19 total nearly £1000. Finished in the same colorway as the identical model seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, with a little magic and spellcasting this humble saloon can be made to fly and turn invisible. Even without the wizardry, it is capable of highway speeds and enjoyable land-based cruising. Now registered in the United States, it is complete with a copy of its old V5, some invoices, and a bit of potential magic. Rarely seen in the United States, this little Ford is sure to enchant its next owner, even if they are a muggle.

Descriptions and pictures by bonhams

Production Start 1966
Country of origin USA