1903 De Dion Bouton Paris to Madrid Racer

1903 De Dion Bouton Paris to Madrid Racer

The 1903 Paris-Madrid field of two hundred-twenty set off from Paris at 3 AM with 200,000 spectators lining the streets. As the day progressed, there were many accidents along the route. By the time one hundred-fourteen cars arrived at Bordeaux, rumors were flying about fatalities among spectators, driving and riding mechanics. The official toll was eight, including Marcel Renault of the automobile company. The race was stopped at Bordeaux and entrants were not even allowed to start their engines, as the cars were loaded onto trains to be shipped back to Paris. Open road racing was banned in France although it was later reinstated. The first wave of safety measures in motor racing was instituted.

This DeDion Bouton took part in the 1903 Paris-Madrid race. It was one of four cars that the factory built specifically for this event. Two were single-cylinders and two were twins.

Driven by the team of Pellisson/Bardin, the car was classified in twenty-third position overall and fifth in the light car class when the race was stopped in Bordeaux.

The 1906 French Grand Prix was the first of the national Grand Prix that now make up the Formula One series. Considering the Renault domination of today's Formula One racing, it's interesting to note that the 1906 French Grand Prix was won by a Renault using Michelin tires.

After the 1903 Paris-Madrid race, motor racing had instituted its first reforms, and would go on to prosper in the 20th Century as the second most popular sport in the world.

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Production Start 1903
Country of origin France