1903 Spyker 60-HP Four-wheel Drive Racing Car

  • Brand: Spyker
  • Car Code: 260990

1903 Spyker 60-HP Four-wheel Drive Racing Car

Spyker or Spijker was a Dutch carriage, automobile and aircraft manufacturer, started in 1880 by blacksmiths Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker. Originally located in Hilversum, the company relocated to Trompenburg, Amsterdam in 1898.

In 1898 Spyker built the Golden Coach for state ceremonial use by the Dutch house of royals.

In 1903 the Spyker 60 HP was the world's first four-wheel drive race-car, featuring the first application of a six-cylinder engine, as well as the first four-wheel braking system.

The 1919 C1 “Aerocoque” was one of the world's first cars with aerodynamically streamlined bodywork.

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Production Start 1903
Country of origin