1966 Jaguar XJ13

  • Brand: Jaguar
  • Car Code: 180178

1966 Jaguar XJ13 (Prototype Replica)

1966 Jaguar XJ13 Built to bring Jaguar back to Le Mans, the XJ13 has the sad story of never competing in a race. It was initially prepared to take on the mights of Ford and Ferrari at la Sarthe, but Jaguar's lazy attitude towards racing development caused the project finish too late to successfully race. By 1967, the regulations changed to only allow a three liter capacity and the XJ13 was rendered permanently redundant. Built from the ground up as a Le Mans prototype, XJ13's design used all the hallmarks of 1960's successful race cars. This included a V12 engine in a mid-mounted position which was very new to Jaguar. The XJ13 was built around a V12 5-litre engine engineered by Claude Baily and called the XJ6 Project.

The design basically mated two DOHC six cylinder engines to a common crankshaft and aluminum block. It used Lucas mechanical injection to produce 503 bhp and was directly attached as an integral part of the aluminum chassis. The block and trans axle acted as the only support structure behind the rear bulkhead which meant that the suspension mounted directly onto the sides of the unit. The unit was originally tested with six SU carburetors in two Jaguar Mark Xs known as Project XJ5. engine V12 position Mid Longitudinal aspiration Natural ignition OPUS Ignition System valvetrain DOHC fuel feed Lucas Mechincal Injection displacement 4994 cc / 304.8 in³ bore 87 mm / 3.43 in engine designer Claude Bailey power 374.3 kw / 502 bhp @ 7600 rpm specific output 100.52 bhp per litre bhp/weight 482.69 bhp per tonne body / frame Aluminum over Aluminum Tub Chassis driven wheels RWD

Production Start 1966
Country of origin Great Britain