2001 Ferrari F1 Authorized 'Michael Schumacher'

2001 Ferrari F1 Authorized 'Michael Schumacher' Show Car

Ferrari's F2001 debuted during one of the legendary marque's many Formula 1 hot streaks, delivering 13 poles, 10 wins, three record laps, and 197 points during its headline season, not to mention Michael Schumacher's fourth world driver's championship.

Arguably one of the most iconic F1 machines of all-time, the F2001 was designed to satisfy a slew of rules changes, one of which necessitated its signature "droopsnoot" downforce-reducing front wing. This assembly, along with many other very clever tricks, endowed the F2001 with aerodynamics far superior to that of main competitors Williams and McLaren, and greatly contributed to the car's knockout success.

Descriptions and pictures by bonhams

Production Start 2001
Country of origin Italy