1909 Renault AX Camionette Delivery Truck

1909 Renault AX Camionette Delivery Truck

The Renault AX was an automobile manufactured by Renault. It was produced between 1908 and 1914 and was mostly used by cab drivers.

The AX had a 2-cylinders straight engine with a displacement of 1,060 cc and a power of 8 kW. Its maximum speed was 34 mph (55 km/h). The vehicle weighed 750 kg.

This old Renault is a good example of how early automakers were able to transform their road vehicles into commercial vehicles without too much undue effort. If you look at everything from the seats forward, it’s very much an early Renault road car. The fact that it has an extended wheelbase and a big box on the back is what turns it into a work truck.

Or more of a van, really, as camionette is French for “van.” Like many early Renaults, this is powered by a two-cylinder engine. The steering wheel is on the right and there is actually a windshield, although weather protection as a whole leaves something to be desired.

Descriptions & pictures by Wikipedia & classiccarweekly & rmsothebys

Production Start 1909
Country of origin France