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Brewster & Co

Brewster & Co. was established by James Brewster of New Haven, Connecticut in 1810. In 1878, the firm won international acclaim at the Paris Carriage Exhibition. In 1905, the company built its first body for the automobile industry and by 1911, they had abandoned carriages entirely and moved to Long Island City, New York. In 1914, Brewster took on a Rolls-Royce franchise.

From 1915 to 1925 it constructed a series of elegant, extremely expensive automobiles at its plant in Long Island, N.Y. The company also produced coaches for Rolls-Royce and became part of their American operation in 1926. When Rolls ended its American production in 1934, the Brewster automobile reappeared for a two year run. The new car, which used other manufacturer's running gear, was attractive and more affordable than its predecessor.

The mid-1910s Brewster models came in a variety of body styles all with a hefty price tag attached. The prices ranged from $5,250 to $6,650 with most of the line-up comprised of broughams, landaulets and limousines. There were several open body styles available, such as a phaeton, two-passenger runabout, and a club runabout with a rumble seat arising out of the rear deck.

The Brewster vehicles commanded a high price tag. They were instantly recognizable by virtue of their distinctive radiator grille, four-cylinder, sleeve-valve Knight engine, and their luxurious appointments.

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1921 Brewster Model 91 Club Runabout

1921 Brewster Model 91 Club Runabout

The Brewster Model 91 Club Runabout was a luxury automobile produced by the Brewster & Co. compa..

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