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John North Willys, prolific seller and builder of automobiles in the Twenties, recognized the value of a good idea, and was not reluctant to try it out.

Starting out selling Overland automobiles in Elmira, New York, Willys soon took over the Overland company and revived it. He kept picking up troubled marques including Marion, Pope Toledo, New Process Gear and even the first Duesenberg company. He hired Walter P. Chrysler away from General Motors. Willys' 1913 acquisition of Edwards Motor Co. brought him the license to build Charles Yale Knight's sleeve valve engines, famed for their quiet, valve-less operation.

Willys then used Knight engines prolifically, first in the Willys-Knight and then establishing a new marque, Falcon in Elyria, Ohio in 1927, to build a less elaborate Knight-engined line, the Falcon-Knight. Power came from a 158 cubic inch inline six advertised with 46 brake horsepower, three-speed manual transmission, live axle suspension with semi elliptical leaf springs and four-wheel three-shoe mechanical brakes.

Source: Wikipedia, Bonhams, American-automobiles, other

1927 Falcon-Knight Model 10 Speedster

1927 Falcon-Knight Model 10 Speedster

The Falcon-Knight Model 10 Speedster was an automobile produced by the Falcon-Knight Motor Car Compa..

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