Brand: Hall-Scott

Hall-Scott Motor Car Company

The Hall-Scott Motor Car Company was an American automobile and engine manufacturer based in Berkeley, California. The company was founded in 1910 by Elbert J. Hall and Bert C. Scott, and initially produced gasoline-powered automobiles. However, the company soon shifted its focus to the manufacture of heavy-duty engines for use in trucks, buses, and military vehicles.

During World War I, Hall-Scott supplied engines for a variety of military vehicles, including trucks, ambulances, and armored cars. After the war, the company continued to produce engines for commercial vehicles, as well as fire engines and other specialized vehicles.

In the 1930s, Hall-Scott began to face increasing competition from other engine manufacturers, and the company struggled financially. In 1932, the company was purchased by the American-LaFrance-Foamite Corporation, and in 1936, the Hall-Scott name was dropped altogether.

Today, Hall-Scott engines are highly prized by collectors and vintage vehicle enthusiasts. The engines are known for their durability and reliability, and many are still in use today in restored antique vehicles.

1917 Hall-Scott The Four-A-7A

1917 Hall-Scott The Four-A-7A

The 1917 Hall-Scott Four-A-7A was a heavy-duty gasoline engine produced by the Hall-Scott Motor Car ..

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